We believe in growth through adventure, exploration and play.  Our foundational pillars are: Respect, Integrity, Presence, Inner Strength, Connection, Humour, Patience and Trust. Beyond our own needs, we collaborate to serve with our knowledge, relationships and resources. Through these experiences, we continue to improve both ourselves and our world.

Scroll down and watch the testimonial videos to find out what people who have come along thought.


"I’ve had loads of experiences and been to 50+ countries multiple times but it’s hard to describe how good it actually is here! For me, I can honestly say, it’s been the best trip of my life, it was simply spectacular. The group, the way they were vetted and the way we all jived was as if we had been friends for years, it was fantastic! We went deep, we had great conversations, we talked about everything, it was an incredible group, of I would say, friends for life which is kind of unique considering some us just met 7 days ago. It just made it a whole lot more fun to just joke around, I think the tribe makes a difference, I’ve loved it. I’ve had a chance to really connect with people, talking to them for hours and hours. It’s hard to put into words how great a trip it was, I’ve been riding for 30 years and it’s the best riding I’ve ever had. Just put your trust in Matt who’s a great leader and Chris and their team that backs them because they really really have done the homework here and care for you throughout the adventure. It’s far surpassed what I could have imagined, I’d say just do it! Just dive in!"

"It’s really been good because when I came in I knew I wasn’t physically where I wanted to be in my life and I've made a firm decision when I go back I’m going to correct that and so on the next trip I’m going to be more solid. and also on the spiritual end, I’m going to begin meditating and just putting these practices into my life and that’s huge! So those are huge emotional shifts that I’ve made. I knew intellectually I wanted to make them but this trip hit me in the gut and said it’s time to make a move and it’s time to make a transformation. I absolutely loved it and I’m so happy I said yes!"



“Holy shit that was unbelievable on all realms. From the people, experiences, diversity, elements of surprise, to just being in the moment - it was awesome being in that space. The people were fantastic, the friendships that were developed and the sharing that happened, those were the ingredients and the adventure happened from all of that! It's not 100% cushy, there's areas where it is uncomfortable but I like leaning into those areas of life. For me it's hard to ask for help so to do that and accept it, it was nice to be in that place. One of the things I like about AdventureX is they make sure that the personalities have a high chance of connecting even though they are diverse personalities. Great leadership and thought has gone into this, a lot of caring and a lot of pushing to your limits which is awesome. It’s jam packed and so if you’re into that type of adventure, this is a good one for that. If you’re open to being a learner and growing and sharing with other people, this is another great place to expand and learn about yourself and help other people develop and what better place to do it than in Bhutan! I enjoyed the push as much as the flow."

"It helped revalidate my unique gifts and how I can leverage those for a greater purpose so that was a sweet gift! It’s a shift and I feel like the biggest moments in life happen with really small shifts and over a period of time you end up in a totally different place. I’m ecstatically happy I was invited to come along. I’m totally pumped, it was the best thing. Really high impact experiences are really hard to describe because in each persons eye or viewpoint of perspective there’s a different experience. Just go, experience it and be excited to be wow’d.”



“This trip was absolutely mind-blowing. It is authentic and real and gritty. This is one of those moments in life that I will always be able to look back on and draw a strength from. It absolutely pushed me beyond some of my normal boundaries. There was always an unexpected surprise, I learned to really enjoy leaning into that unknown, it was liberating. It is incredibly different to anything else that is out there."

This experience helped me to realize that I’m in control of my future. That means that it’s up to me to lay hold of the path I want to take.



"I really don't know where you can do anything like this in the world. It's truly unique and one of the best experiences of my life. It was so well curated in terms of people and activities and it's given me a lot of clarity about myself and what I should be working on. The unique aspect of this trip is the relationships and people you meet. I've had an instant connection with everyone and hope to know them for the rest of my life."

This adventure helped me understand why I think the way I do, and that although unconventional, it will continue to serve me going forward.



"Brilliant things happen when we disconnect and often times when things are least expected we get the most from them. The trip was different on a number of levels. In terms of Matt and Chris, they weren’t afraid to tell the truth which shows that they respect me and want us to have those transformations. The adventure allowed me to accept a lot.”

As time has passed and I've reflected, this experience was able to give me full clarity, confidence and power that I had been searching for, for over eight years. I've now followed my heart and created a company rooted in Disney Theme Park experiences.



“I’ve loved the scenery, the environment and the cool little tribe we have here - they’re some amazing people. I learned that I'm a lot more capable than I think I am and also that I’m not as crazy as I think I am and there’s others like me. Be prepared to have an experience that will last with you forever."

This experience is one that will catapult that growth to heights you probably didn't even know possible. The perseverance to keep climbing, the authenticity to go deeper, the awareness to truly see yourself in a new light and keep learning is second to none.